CIE's Model for Inclusion & Equity is customized to respond to the needs of individual clients.

Integrated Model for Inclusion & Equity©

Using the Integrated Model for Inclusion & Equity, CIE offers the following services to clients.

Educational & Professional Development

Organizations and learning institutions seeking to diversify or become more interculturally competent may experience difficulty doing so without a foundational understanding of difference and how it impacts the way we operate in the world. CIE educates and helps organizations develop their intercultural competence by designing educational curriculums that provide core concepts and language and foundational awareness of difference.

Affirmative Search Process Management

Recruitment and hiring practices say a great deal about an organization and are directly correlated to its values. Hiring is a critically important and multilayered process that when done well, can have a dramatic impact on the success of an organization.  CIE helps organizations understand the most common obstacles to affirmative hiring while teaching fundamental practices that support the recruitment of diverse teams.

Assessment & Strategic Planning

Assessment plays a critical role in organizational success, especially when that organization decides to make a commitment to becoming more interculturally competent. Examination and evaluation of individual and group level dynamics is crucial in determining the current strengths, challenges, and potential growth areas for an organization. CIE assesses organizations through the use of both quantitative and qualitative assessment measures like the Intercultural Development Inventory; and focus groups and individual interviews, which can help an organization evaluate their cultural climate in creation of a better working environment.

About to embark on a hiring process? Consider attending the Affirmative Recruitment Institute. This three-day professional training will help participants learn the best practices used for hiring for diversity.

Systems Analysis & Policy Review

Systems analysis and policy review is just another way to help evaluate the inclusivity of any organization. Interculturally competent and culturally sensitive organizations take into consideration the impact that policies, procedures, marketing, and physical environment have on individuals and groups.  CIE can assist organizations by reviewing their policies, marketing materials, websites and publications with an eye for inclusivity and openness.